You can sense it: The days are getting a little bit shorter, there's a chill in the early morning air, and you're wearing flip flops less frequently. That can only mean one thing: It's nearly DrupalCon season... And we're ready!

We're steaming ahead with preparations for Digibury Weekender on 18 October - an exciting new one-day festival that will explore the impact technology has on society and culture, mixing inspirational lectures and discussions from rockstar leaders.

So here for your delight are more fantastic confirmed speakers

Who: Meri Williams

This was a pretty interesting one, even by our standards! The talks and demos focused on impact techology has on accessibility.

Talk #1: The importance of accessibility - Thomas Schmidt

Engineer and developer Thomas Schmidt explores the importance of accessibility. He focuses on what accessibility is, who it affects and why. He looks at the different models of accessibility and emerging undercurrents and trends in the accessibility sector.

John Ennew is a solutions architect here at Deeson. He recently carried out a webinar focusing on Drupal Autologout and Limit Modules.

Attendees included Drupal developers, solutions architects, and programmers. John took the attendees through a series of steps, and in the webinar, explained how to:

I'm donning my Drupal community hat and heading off to Symfony Live on September 26!

It's been said many times before, but one of the most impressive things about Drupal is the community. And we don't just mean the awesome developers.

CDs on sale at HMV

The High Street’s being slowly strangled by online retail

That’s the usual narrative that’s reflected in a string of familiar names disappearing from the local High Street.

It’s undeniable that there’s a major shift in retail towards online, but that’s not to say that there are ways for physical retailers to thrive.

Want to learn about some add-on tools for applying security best practice to your website? Then join us on 10 September for our webinar as part of Drupal Association Webcast Series.

Who: John Ennew, Solutions Architect from Deeson Online

Want to experience August Digibury all over again? Well, now you can. Behold, here be the videos!

Video #1: An introduction to the Raspberry Pi - John Ennew

Video #2: Deconstructing the Internet of Everything - Victor Newman

Digibury Weekender is fast approaching and we've got some great talks lined up!

Hosted by Robin Ince (he from BBC's The Infinite Monkley Cage), leading thinkers from nearly twenty organisations in technology, media, innovation and arts - including Google, Microsoft, ITN and - will present short, inspiring talks, demos and discussions during this one-day tech, digital and cultural event on October 18.

We had a bit of a treat this month. In addition to a talk on the 'hows' and 'whys' of the world-conquering Rasberry Pi (complete with audience participation), we also had a fascinating take on Cisco's Internet of Everything.

Talk #1: An introduction to the Raspberry Pi - John Ennew
Dries wants you to help craft his keynote at DrupalCon Amsterdam. We like this. A lot.

He's tried surveys. He's tried Q&A's. Now this year Dries Buytaert is taking it a step further: he's crowdsourcing his DrupalCon Amsterdam keynote talk.

Not only is this an innovative idea that fits perfectly with the collaborative nature of the Drupal community, it's also really straightforward.

We're always keen to get our community involved in Digibury. Usually this manifests with people presenting up on stage.
However, Digibury attendee, Brian Condon, has taken audience participation to a whole new level with this great Storify live blog of Wednesday's Digibury. Enjoy!

We've published the slides, and now you can re-live the July talks with our latest Digibury Videos.

Talk #1: Howard Griffin, University of Kent - moving the immovable

Organisation: Royal Meteorological Society (RMetS)
Who: Kathy Maxwell
Role: Head of IT

What is RMetS?

We are the Learned and Professional Society for weather and climate.

How long has RMetS been working with Deeson Online?

For nearly four years.

As User Experience Designer at Deeson Online, I thought it would be a good idea to explore five very different sites that deliver a great user experience.

I wouldn’t say that they are all perfect (it is impossible to quantify ‘perfect’ in terms of a user's experience anyway) but they all offer simplicity and engagement that impresses.