Deeson Online is proud to be supporting BarCamp Canterbury. It takes place on Saturday 21 June at the University of Kent.

What is BarCamp Canterbury?

BarCamp Canterbury is a free one-day unconference loosely based around the theme of 'technology'.

It's conference season again, and Deeson Online will be out in force with representation at both DrupalCon Austin and DrupalCon Amsterdam

DrupalCon Austin: June 2 - 6

Last night had all the right ingredients to make a memorable Digibury. The sun was shining. The Gulbenkian was packed. And we had three great speakers ready to wow the crowd... 

We're really proud to announce that we've had not one, but two of our sites nominated in Acquia’s 2014 Partner Site of the Year Awards: Torch Partners is a Finalist in the Financial Services category, while Evidence Based Intervention Programme (EBIP) made the final cut in the Internal Community group.

The Blue Drop Awards

By Lizzie Hodgson | 25th April 2014

We're moving into awards season, and The Blue Drop Awards are of particular interest to the whole of the Drupal community.

We're all about sharing here at Deesons. Which is exactly why our sister company, Deeson Creative, has organised an amazing communications knowledge-sharing event on 28 May.

Sometimes it's good to talk. And share. Which is exactly what a few of us here at Deeson Online decided to do - and record it as a podcast.

In it, User Experience Designer Graeme Blackwood and Solutions Architect John Ennew discuss the value of User Experience in web design, Node.JS as a proxy for server... and crayons.

So have a listen (it's only 18 mins) and let us know what you think as a comment below!

April Digibury once again proved just how awesome our community is. Just before we were about to kick off, one of our speakers had to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances.

So in true Digibury style, we turned the spotlight on the audience. But who could possibly step in at such a late hour?

Only Microsoft and Kent County Council. Yes. You read that right.


The great Digibury debate

As part of March Digibury, we tried something a little bit different. Following the reveal of Project Conway, we held an art-meets-tech debate with members of the art and creative world exploring the impact technology has on art.

Digibury art-meets-tech special: Project Conway presentation

Here it is. Project Conway's reveal at March Digibury in all it's (35 mins and 7 seconds) glory.

The video details the software and hardware build... and suggests that art and tech can collaborate to create something rather interesting. Enjoy!



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