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As we blogged last week, Aral Balkan gave an incredibly important Keynote at DrupalCon Prague. He talked about how much privacy we are willing to give up in exchange for the experiences provided by companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and many other similar organisations.

Do-Surgery's new login form

We recently completed an overhaul of the user experience of, a video training portal for surgeons, and I want to talk about just one area of the site that we have spent some time getting right.

Login, or not to log in

Debates about misspelling of the verb "log in" aside, login forms aren't particularly interesting, right?

Capturing feedback on prototypes for Drupal

At DrupalCon Prague, I organised a BoF session (an informal gathering focusing on a certain topic) to discuss capturing feedback on prototypes from clients and generally collaborating more closely throughout the design process.

The challenge is that the client (often meaning many individuals) will almost always have a great deal of understanding about who their users are and what they want. Their input is extraordinarily valuable. However, we're not always very good at capturing it in the right way, at the right time, from the right people.

For the last few years, there has been a growing move toward making data available for use, reuse and redistribution by anyone who has an interest in doing so. Open Data is increasingly being embraced, or even mandated by governments across the globe, and is already being used in some really interesting ways.

DrupalCon Prague Day 3

By Graeme Blackwood | 26th September 2013

Plenty of play at DrupalCon too

DrupalCon isn't just about sharing, learning and networking, it's also a great deal of fun. People dress up, play games and are generally rather jovial! Here is a Vine following the misadventures of Tim Deeson and Jeffrey A. "jam" McGuire as they battle each other on the Drupal Jenga Tower.

DrupalCon London and DrupalCon Prague

Deeson Online has been privileged to design sites for both DrupalCon London and the upcoming DrupalCon Prague. So we thought we'd share some of our lessons and insight on what to consider when building a DrupalCon site. 

Banksy, Frontend united, Cargo, London

Frontend United was in London last week, bringing together designers, themers, just about everyone who cares about the "front end", that is the user-facing aspect of digital products.

DrupalCamp Moscow

By Graeme Blackwood | 17th June 2012

I was in Russia earlier this month attending DrupalCamp Moscow, where I was invited to present on Object Oriented CSS by my friend and organiser Artem Pankov. I had the pleasure of meeting Drupal enthusiasts and professionals from all over Russia and the CIS, and we generally had a great deal of fun!

Drupal Store

I've been having fun working with the Drupal Association on the design for their new Drupal store.

Our new site was designed for mobile first

We have a new website!

When I was given the job of designing it, I spent a while staring at my blank canvas. Then I thought, "why don't I just do what I'd do with any other client?"

Probably the most crucial element to delivering effective websites is having a clear strategy and prioritising what’s important. After that, things became a bit more simple.

Here’s what we decided to prioritise:


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