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DrupalCamp London 2013

DrupalCamp London was last week, and was a lot of fun.

I went to the business day, which was splendidly interesting. Here's the first summary of some of the highlights for me.

UK Museums on the Web 2012

By Simon Bostock | 14th November 2012

We've been doing a lot of work hooking things up lately. Like bringing together Digital Asset Management systems to search interfaces. Or document libraries to ebook retailer systems. Or iOS apps to websites.

(And even hooking people up with each other at one of our #digibury events!)

Drupal Commerce screenshot

We did a webinar with Acquia on 'Cost-effective development with Drupal Commerce' this afternoon. The slides are below. Plus, here's a post about the kind of stuff we thought about when we were producing the webinar.

D-Day in Canterbury

By Simon Bostock | 15th October 2012
BIMA-D-Day Pet-Finder from Canterbury High students with Deeson Online

Last Wednesday, I was lucky enough to be asked to go to Canterbury High School as part of BIMA's D-Day - BIMA are the British Interactive Media Association and the 'D' stands for 'Digital'.

Image of Happy Smiley Cookie

We're beginning to get the first few enquiries worrying about the so-called Cookie Law. To save everybody a bit of time (and stress) here's a very brief guide to 'current thinking'.

(We say 'current thinking' because nobody seems to know that much about exactly what's going to happen. And we have to stress; this is not legal advice, we are not lawyers, always read the smallprint, ask a grown-up to help you with anything involving scissors!)

Okay, here are the links.

Simon Bostock Action Figure

Lean Communities

By Simon Bostock | 28th February 2012
Minimum Viable Communities

Here’s a couple of ideas we’ve been finding useful recently.

We’ve noticed a spike in people asking us about helping them build online communities.

And there’s a couple of things to say about this.

We went to Playful 2011 recently. It’s a conference where people talk about — you guessed it — the value of being playful in, mostly digital, experiences. This talk by Chris O'Shea is fairly representative of this year’s emergent theme.

At Deeson we’ve been thinking about play a bit too.

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