PHP 5.5 Generators and Drupal

By Chris | 12th September 2014

Some practical examples of using PHP 5.5 generators within Drupal code

Configuring a custom search field to be able to set the field bias manually through the Apache Solr admin interface.

Creating a custom index field in Apache Solr module

If you get this annoying error then here is the solution!

Coder Lounge - August 2014

By John Ennew | 27th August 2014

From Paragraphs to PhoneGap and beyond

If you have a separate front end design team from your Drupal developers, you will know that after static pages are moved into a Drupal theme there can be a huge gap in structure between the original files and the final Drupal site. We wanted to bridge the gap between our theme developers, UX designers, front end coders, and create an all encompassing boilerplate that could be used as a starting point for any project and then easily ported into Drupal.

The first official Drupal 8 release is approaching, but what does this mean if you still have Drupal 6 sites that you are supporting?

The team reviews display suite and paragraphs

Part 3: Having understood the key areas, you can now make changes to see results

Part 2: understanding the key areas of Google Webmaster Tools for Drupal developers

More media work and auto assign role

Part 1 of looking into Google's Webmaster Tools for developers - getting started.

This month, at coder lounge, we create artificial life

This month team Deeson Online ventured into outer space. Anything can happen, at coder lounge ...

If you want to be able to debug your PHP code like some kind of software professional from the Java world, then this tutorial is for you.