Coder Lounge - September 2013

By John Ennew | 19th September 2013

Converting Session Limit to Drupal 8 and some core issues patched.

Commerce Webform

By John Ennew | 15th August 2013

A step-by-step guide to using the Commerce Webform module for Drupal with Webinar

The CTools module provides functionality to insert a form into a modal popup. This tutorial shows a neat pattern for implementing this advanced functionality.

Some best practice hints and tips for automating your development processes with Features, updatedb and Cloud Hooks.

Coder Lounge, June 2013

By John Ennew | 28th June 2013

Jenkins, ci and community contributions

Cyclomatic Complexity is a software engineering metric which attempts to rate the complexity of a function. As professional software developers, we should be striving to make small and understandable blocks of code, a function which is overly complex would be difficult for a new developer to pick up or even for the original developer to remember what they were doing when they revisit it in months to come. This is a suggestion to discuss the merits of including this metric in the Drupal Coding Standards.

A list of chat modules for the Drupal CMS evaluated for their pros and cons.

Some Drush alias tips and hints for those that have yet to take the plunge. Also a note on using drush5 by default on Acquia devcloud.

Drupal 8 Core commits, autologout, SkinnyTAC and OG Invite People

Make sure that you can attribute the author of your git commits properly when you share a single Linux account for many git comitters .

Coder lounge, April 2013

By John Ennew | 29th April 2013

Media module, Dotmailer and Tac edit auto

Setting up your local Drupal 8 development site, some more patch bingo and the election module.

Many Drupal projects require integrations with external web services and many of these projects are repeating a set of standard patterns. The WSIF module tries to provide a best practice framework for arbitrary web service integrations to external web services to Drupal.

Coder Lounge, Feb 2013

By John Ennew | 27th February 2013

Coffee, frameworks, learning twig, behat testing and playing patch Bingo

Coder Lounge, Jan 2013

By John Ennew | 20th January 2013

Behat, entityform and rules bonus pack - some of the issues tackled this month